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Alex De La Flor

Welcome To My Internet Paradise

Oh Hi - Hello,

i'm so happy the universe brought you here.
Allow me to introduce myself, I go by Alex de La Flor - but please, just call me Alex. 
I am a half Filipina, born on the East coast, & in my early 20's.
Now residing in the City of Angels, Cali-For-Nia.

You can catch me on the sunnier side.


Though I will admit, I travel more than I stay homebound...

The wanderlust is real in this lively soul
& when I'm not catching flights - I'm soaking up all the sunshine & trying all the greens (hehe).

Standing about 5 feet & 2 inches off the ground with the most petite, desirable frame to compliment.
Natural light brunette hair frames an angelic face while hazel, almond shaped eyes top off the subtly exotic sundae - I'm always rocking a layer of tan. 
I keep a fittest, petite frame & working on a thick lil booty to match!

Loads of personality, ALWAYS smiling, a sensitive intellectual. Aspiring to live my most hedonistic life.
I love to orgasm as much as I love to laugh, in my opinion there's nothing more tantalizing than a woman embracing her sexuality.
I love everything about being alive - even if my tastes are a little finer.
While I do enjoy indulging in materialism, I do still consider myself quite spiritual.
​I want to learn about every person that crosses my path, I want to become intimate with their souls.
I want to introduce you to a more beautiful way of looking at life...

My inter-web paradise has been crafted into something extravagant. 
​Take a look at what I have to offer - from photo galleries to becoming a member...
Get to know me more by reading my blog or check out the spoils in my shop...
Make me your new internet crush (You can even spoil me!) 

I'm here to adorn. 

So very pleased to meet you &
Welcome to the #AlexArmy!

​Alex De La Flor 🌹

January 2018 Penthouse Pet • August 2018 Twistys Treat

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