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Saturday Night, Inside Out

It started with an email. Which didn't warrant a reply but received one anyways.

Then he showed up at my door. Knocking that same pattern he always did, so you knew it was him.

It was 9pm at night & he held my favorite red wine in his hand.  We embraced.

That sweet smell is so familiar.  Like it never left my nostrils. 

He walked through my house and reminded himself of the things that made me. It wasn't all the same but what do you expect after four months? I cleaned two glasses and attempted to open the bottle,  Till he took over - as always.

We glided to the couch, snuggled up, and smiled at each other. I play background noise.  He asks how I am.  "Sad and stressed." I reply - "Oh baby," He gave me that look... One of love & pity. I still can't tell if I love it or hate it. He continued, "You're always sad."

We drank & laughed at what was supposed to be a horror series, but chemistry made it hard to stay silent The wine made it easy to make jokes. He gets closer & laughs - "Why are you laughing?" I ask seemingly confused but knowing the answer. "It's been four months since I saw this face... I missed it." "Who's fault is that?"

Uncomfortable giggle. Silence. A gulp of wine. A look. A moment. How does the world still stop when i'm with you?

I'm trying to figure out why my walls have been coming down by the minute. Is it the wine? I show him my work, I tell him i'm becoming successful.  I don't talk like this to anyone else,  He's still the only person I want to impress.

He says, "I knew you'd be a star." I confess i'm scared of my fame. I cry.

His arms are like shelter, they hold me tighter & his words soothe my sad soul. "I know, but you deserve to shine."

My heart can't take it, I kiss him.  It still feels like fireworks explode inside me.  Life starts making sense again.

We're in the bedroom. It's fast & urgent. Clothes come off. Mouths lock. Bodies warm. The most intense sensation overwhelms my body. I've missed the way your tongue feels, it graces more than my soft spot. It tempts my soul. First finish. I'm seeing stars. I'm in trouble.

"I've thought about you everyday for four months."

Our pillow talk is light. I'm topless & getting high.  He's naked & tracing the places I was previously kissing. I can tell he needed this, he isn't fucked properly. 

"Our bodies just love each other." I agree.

We collapse into each other again,  this time it's a little more rough.  I can't catch my breath at one point, but I love it.  After, he holds me.  he tells me he's "such an idiot."

I wake up to a kiss goodbye,  it's 7am. He overslept. It makes my heart smile.

I watch him leave.  I'm a little less sad. ​I fall back asleep.

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