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The Other Girl // (random rough draft)

"I'm outside"

My face is suddenly illuminated by a palm-sized LED screen.

I've been waiting for you.

I was dancing under deep blue floodlights but now found myself outside -

blending and bonding with a group of fresh, friendly faces.

I stand just a few inches taller than usual, in thigh - high maroon boots.

They made up for the lack of warmth your new favorite dress was not providing.

I put little effort into tonights attire, I know you would be tearing it off the moment we unlocked my front door.

Regardless if the neighbors watched through "closed" blinds, you always preferred just skin.

I quickly apologize for needing to escape my new friends so suddenly but the clock is ticking. I have all of five minutes to find you or I go home empty-handed.

So I make my way through swaying bodies, passing smiles that say "I'm high off designer drugs... or life", and my eyes are partially blinded by red strobes. I'm not quite ready to lea ve and even though time is running out, I still stop every so often to dance under a stolen spotlight. I did come to dance.

It isn't their fault they can't keep the pace nonetheless move the same.

I finally make my way to the exit. Pushing through that huge, brass door separating tireless night life from crashing souls that wander the dimly lit streets.

Post-Party Madness is my favorite.

Barely there minds stumbling to successfully locate their ride or food while holding onto heel and hands... Human life can be so beautiful, I swear.

I'm outside.

In front of the club. Underneath the marquee.

Exchanging friendly goodbyes with the bouncers that know my real name.

Just like our parents teach us, I look both ways before leaping into the dark.

Call it what you want but somehow I turn to you first. I'm sweaty, dizzy, and surprised - it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust but I'd recognize that grin anywhere.

Why were you walking backwards?

Our eyes lock. Time stops. The rushing bodies begin to slow and melt into the background.

My feet start making their way towards you before I tell them to.

The only thing left on the vanished bodies are eyes and they stare.

I'm watching you push through limp bodies as if they're roadblocks until you finally make it to me. I hear your name called out but it's too late.

We're only face to face for a moment as you deeply inhale the air surrounding me.

It happened so fast - your arms wrap around my body then i'm swiftly hoisted over your shoulder. You pull down my dress, holding a hand down firmly. I smile. Deep exhale.

You can tell it's been a long night so you hold me a little tighter.

My body melts into yours like the bodies from before...

How could you have left me alone for so long? Where have you been? Is this uber even ours?

You silence me with one sentence -

"I can't believe I found you."

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