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The Other Girl: Chapter Four (rough)

The Other Girl

Chapter Four

You stand six feet off the ground and weigh about 200 pounds.

You’re in good health but it could be better.

You try to run every morning but sometimes you get a little lazy and sleep in till your third alarm goes off.

Then you’re off to the most stable nine to five you could have landed.

You rent a one bedroom apartment located right on the beach, an orange cat, and a silver Lexus (it’s leased).

One would think you’re compensating while the other would be impressed.

It’s hard to decide between the two.

I think I fell in love with the mystery,

You were born in a small town in the southeastern side of Michigan.

Your parents stayed together - they had you, your brother, and your sister.

They’ve stayed in the same house almost all your life so you always had a place to call home.

You’re the middle child and it truly shows.

I think you crave attention in ways other people normally don’t,

you need to feel special because you know you're average.

There’s nothing about you that stands out, except that beautiful spark of fire in your eyes.

You weren’t rich but you were middle class and you only experienced true struggle once or twice (your dad has a gambling addiction)

He restores decks and wanted you to take over the family business but you ran away to Kansas City and started your own business.

It failed but you continued.

You carry a degree and a sense of leadership.

You know how to be a CEO.

You fell in love with a girl named after one of four seasons and found yourself in California.

You always told me you wanted to end up here,

But I think deep down you wish you stayed in KC.

You left behind your college, friends, and people you considered family to be closer to someone you later realized you loved the idea of more than her, herself.

That’s when you found me,

I was a hurricane of passion and you were swept up in an instant.

I think you saw the similarity between us and craved the exact thing that everyone craved about you.

I was so sad and lonely. You found solace in us both being lost souls.

You didn’t know what to do because you already spent so many years with someone you can barely stand. You try to let go even though you never will.

Loving her is such a challenge and loving me is so easy.

You love her in ways people need to be loved.

You nurture her soul and help her grow while you gently grasp my neck and hold tight.

You know you can’t act like yourself around her and it hurts you deep inside,

because all I ask for is honesty.

You build me up in ways most wouldn't think twice about but I need more than compliments on my body and how good I look with other girls.

I want someone to feed my soul.

I want someone to ask me my favorite song.

I want someone with substance.

You pretend you have a hidden depth that doesn’t show when I dig as deep as I possibly can.

We make pacts to break up with the people who make us unhappy yet you never follow through.

I blame your zodiac sign. I blame the fact i’m younger. I blame myself for being me.

So I change.

I mold myself to fit every standard you seem to have given me.

I spend three years trying to make you mine and I end up alone.

Listening to the rain,


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